Hello, friends! My name is Carol, a 1.5-generation millennial.

What is “1.5 generation”?

The 1.5 generation are immigrants who relocated to the United States at a young age, typically between 6 and 13. We differ from the first-generation immigrants (born in their native country and moved to the States as an adult) and second-generation immigrants (born in the States to at least one immigrant parent).

What is a “millennial”?

Millennials are more than just avocado toast and acai bowls (although both delicious). We were born in between 1981-1996, and people often confuse us with Generation Z (we’re more creative, I would say).

So why @tallkoreangirl?

Well, it’s true. I am 5’11” and Korean and a girl.

But with that said, being tall and Korean were my biggest insecurities growing up. I was afraid of judgment, and I was so embarrassed of my height and race that this led to self-hate and questioning of my identity.

I spoke English at school and Korean at home. I loved cheering for American sports but jammed to K-pop in my spare time. In high school (as the only Korean girl in my grade) I felt like “the ugly Korean duckling.” And when in college, I wanted to fit in with Korean groups but felt awkward being a foot above everyone else.

All my life, it was a constant balancing act. I felt like I had to act “more American” outside the home while doing the complete opposite at home. And I felt alone and confused for feeling this way.

Believe it or not, there is actually research out there that as 1.5 generation individuals, the path to discovering one’s identity is longer and more complicated, leading to hiding oneself in many settings.

In the year of 2019, I said enough is enough – I had to stop being the biggest judge of myself.

I created this blog so people can see life through the lens of a 1.5 gen. (This is the first blog that does this!) I will detail topics like self care, fitness and health, and relationships in the context of living in two different cultures, and how I came to just being me.

And this blog is not just for the 1.5 gen, Koreans, or millenials! It pertains to all of you who feel like a misfit. I hope that my posts can act as a guide to not just finding your identity but also to embracing it and loving it.

In my spare time, you will see that I write reviews for Korean shows and dramas. This in hopes that no matter what race, age, or gender you identify with, I can inspire K-pop junkies (like myself) to not be ashamed and come forth!

Join me every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday as I post something new, and see where this journey can take you!

With love,