X1 Flash Part 1: Sweat and tears make a debut?

The saga continues for the eleven members who made the final line-up of Produce X 101. A two-part reality series called X1 Flash (to promote their upcoming release of the title song, ‘Flash’) aired this week. It highlights some of the events leading up to their debut showcase on August 27 in Gocheok Sky Dome, the same place Wanna One debuted two years ago.

Here are some of my 11 highlights (ha, get it) from this first episode!

1. Why do you have to take the members to a dark, scary deserted building with no walls for their interviews? Not only does this creepy place have zero security whatsoever but the members get interviewed through an old TV screen. Creepy much?

2. The intro is very solemn. To refresh your memory, immediately after the final episode of Produce X 101, news outlets reported that the voting system was rigged. There were actually concerns and lots of doubt that this group would get to debut because of what the Mnet producers might have caused. It is incredibly sad to watch the members say in their interviews how they didn’t think that they would be able to debut.

3. The choreography for the title track is no joke. Not only did every single member question whether they could even master the dance moves when they initially saw it, but everyone is getting hurt left and right. If that’s not difficult enough, they are also throwing in some major acrobatics for their photo shoots! And yes, that’s Han Gyul’s same foot that just did that major turn above!

4. But the pain brings all the members are closer than ever. Han Seun Woo is the leader and although he was initially closed off, he revealed that over the past couple of months, each one of them was able to open up to one another (and I guess it helps that they all live in the same apartment).

5. Two words for Seung Yeon: glass skin. Even with the close-up, I couldn’t find one pore on this guy. WHAT IS YOUR SKIN ROUTINE?!

6. Seung Woo made his grand v-neck appearance in today’s episode. If you have no idea why I’m making this reference, click here. You’re welcome.

7. Eun Sang reveals that instead of having this greed to be the top, he feels like he is lacking in many ways. This is concerning especially to the X1 fans as he expressed similar concerns in his journey through Produce X 101. Eventually, we were able to see how he overcame some of those fears towards the end of the competition. We’re all hoping that his insecurities and worries don’t hinder his performances because we all know that you are already doing great!

8. Although the intro started out pretty solemn, the episode ends with fireworks with the clips from the members’ interview of how they are going to be hopeful about their debut showcase. There were a lot of downs and pitfalls that these guys had to go through in just a span of a month or two but the episode ending like this instills hopes in us fans that things from now will look up!

9. The highlight medley for their mini album. Speaking of which, this album (not even released yet) has already made Billboard charts by going from No 6. to No. 2 on the Social 50 tally (updated 8/25/19).

10. I know, I know. We’re not supposed to have our favorites. But I can’t help when Seung Yeon comes in with his jokes. This guy is definitely the comic relief of the group and at the end of the episode, there was an epilogue of how he thought his room was the best.

11. And in the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like we’ll see what he’s talking about!

*All photo, video, and content credit to Mnet and the show X1 Flash.